Do tradespeople need a website?


Many tradespeople incorrectly assume they don’t need websites for their businesses, even though word-of-mouth referrals remain one of the primary methods for new work to come in. Many undervalue the importance and benefits that having websites can bring their businesses.

Here are a few reasons every tradesperson needs websites:

To sell your services

A website allows people to learn more about you when they want more information. This can be particularly useful if they do not possess business cards but more importantly they should know more about all the services that you offer.

Your website could showcase all your offerings clearly and concisely so visitors can quickly determine if your services meet their needs, get in contact with you and showcase some of your work – including before-and-after photos as well as reviews from past clients and feedback.

To appear in searches

Find Your Tradespeople Being visible when people search for tradespeople within your region or sees one of your vehicles on the road could increase your visibility to potential customers and lead them directly to you. By having your website appear during these searches, visibility for your company increases drastically and can lead to new clients coming your way.

As most people today use Google to find what they are searching for, websites are an effective way to provide your contact details online so that people can reach you directly about your offerings.

To create a professional personal

Customers typically prefer tradespeople who have established themselves online over those without one. A website can convey a sense of professionalism to potential clients.

Tradespeople need to use their websites to demonstrate their expertise by including content relevant to their profession. How-to blogs and before/after photos can demonstrate this expertise to potential clients, increasing trust that will ultimately lead to additional business.

To seal the deal

When someone recommends your business to another, they’ll likely go online to research your services and learn more before reaching out. Even though they were recommended, having a website could make all the difference – without it you may lose potential clients!

To capture social media leads

To maximize social media lead generation, having a website is essential in order to maximize its efficiency as a marketing platform like Twitter and Facebook. When potential leads come across your brand through these sites, having a link that leads directly to it makes it much simpler than forgetting to contact them later on.

For an innovative marketing approach, Adwords (Google Advertisements) provide a useful solution. By paying Google to appear when someone searches for services that your business offers, this form of promotion can be particularly effective in smaller areas and requires only online visibility to operate effectively.

How to get a website?

Perhaps the benefits we’ve highlighted above have convinced you it’s time to launch the business website of your dreams and you are asking, “how can I go about getting one created?”. Here’s our guide: here’s everything you need to know!

Amazingly, having websites doesn’t need to be costly; in fact it could cost less than the costs associated with domain and hosting if you build them yourself.

An effective website must present itself professionally so that visitors will take you seriously, but without over-doing it with irrelevant features or pages. Ultimately, the key thing is keeping things straightforward and ensuring visitors understand what your product or service offers and make it simple for customers to contact you.