Navy “Electrician Mate Jobs”


There are many great civilian jobs for Navy Electrician Mates

An EM is a person who learns how to maintain and fix the various electrical and mechanical systems on a navy ship. This enables one to be a successful electrician mate jobs EM in a wide range of trades. The EM designation allows one to advance in the trades through various certifications. EM veterans may be interested in the following careers.

Electrician Mate Jobs

For veterans who have completed the extensive electrical training provided by an EM, it is a natural choice to become an electrician in civilian work. The job of an electrician mate jobs is to create, maintain, and repair friedman’s home improvement the electrical systems and appliances that supply electricity to different locations such as homes and businesses. This job involves manual labor and requires you to work indoors as well as outdoors.

Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technician

Electronic and electrical engineers work together to create and design electronic equipment, such as mobile phones, computers, medical monitoring systems, and navigational devices. This career is possible because of the experience EMs have with appliances, switchboards, or other apparatuses aboard ships. An associate’s degree is required to enter this field.

Line Installer and Repairer

EMs have the experience to become line repairers and installers. Two sub-disciplines in this industry include electrical power-line installation, which is responsible for setting up and maintaining the electric grid, as well as telecommunications line installers, who are responsible to maintain the landline communication network. This work can be physically demanding, and it often takes place outside. This field requires that individuals be physically fit to climb utility poles.

Industrial Machinery Mechanic

The job of industrial machinery paradise home improvement mechanics is to fix large-scale industrial machinery problems before they become a problem. This preventative approach to troubleshooting is similar in some ways to electrician mate jobs. They must maintain various machines that are essential to the operation of the navy vessel they are stationed on. Industrial machinery mechanics are responsible for maintaining automotive assembly lines and robotic welding arm. Many computer analysis techniques are used in industrial manufacturing.

Elevator Repairer and Installer

EMs, while deployed, are responsible for maintaining the elevator system aboard their navy vessel. After they have entered civilian life, it is possible to find a job as an installer or repairer of elevators. This job requires a good understanding of elevator wiring and mechanics. This field requires individuals to be comfortable working at heights and in tight spaces. This job title also includes the maintenance and repair of moving walkways or escalators.