Fire curtain cost guide


Fire curtains can be used to prevent fires from spreading, protect escape routes and reduce smoke emissions. They are easy to fit in many places due to their sleek design. They can prevent fire in open spaces, where it can be difficult to install fire doors or load-bearing walls. How much does a fire curtains cost? This guide will show you the average cost to install fire curtains. A1S Group is a trusted supplier, manufacturer, and installer of industrial shutters, smoke and fire curtains, fire shutters, as well as smoke and fire curtain. We work with trusted partners across the UK and around the world. We we install all of our range across the United Kingdom.

What is the secret to fire curtains working?

Fire curtains are used to prevent fires. They are kept in a steel box and released when there is a fire. The fire curtain is vertically lowered, which blocks any spreading. You can get different time ratings for the curtain. For example, you could get a curtain that lasts two hours.

What is the cost of a fire curtain?

Cost of fire curtains depends on many factors, including size, material, and rating. The cost of fire curtains will depend on how many entrances there are and the cavernous area. Other costs such as a talking alarm device, heat detector, fire sealant and an ionization smoke detector will also have to be considered.

You should not let the cost of fire curtains determine whether or not you get them installed. Professional advice is required to ensure that the highest safety standards are maintained.

Different types of fire curtains

There are many types of fire curtains that can be used depending on your building’s specific requirements. Professional fire curtain installers can help you choose the right safety curtains for your home, school, or building. Domestic fire curtains will cost you more because they are smaller, stronger and less resistant than large theatres with multiple levels.

To keep fire curtains down, they must be strong and flexible. They can be used in interiors of buildings, such as lifts, stairwells and kitchens. The curtain is usually made of fire-resistant fibreglass with threads of stainlesssteel and can be easily folded into a small box. The bottom bar, motor, and guide rail are also important components in fire curtains.

What is the difference between a fire curtain and a fire shutter?

They are not identical, however. Shutters are larger structures that require more space. Similar to a fire curtain a shutter can also be constructed with different fire-resistance ratings. A professional can help you determine the requirements of your building. Check out our cost guide for fire risk assessments.