Darren Palmer’s guide for designing the perfect bathroom


Darren Palmer’s guide for designing the perfect bathroom

Perfect Bathroom are one of the most important spaces in a home. They also serve as a place to relax and unwind. How can you make a bathroom that’s both functional and beautiful?


Lighting should be evenly distributed and from the front when you are shave or applying makeup. You’ll need to make lighting adjustments for your face or purchase a mirror with lighting integrated. You can also position lighting above the tap to ensure that the same amount of light hits your face. This could be done by placing one light directly above the tap or two lights on either side of mirror at equal distance. This will give you the best chance to have even light. The light from the front and reflection off the mirror will create less shadowing.

Consider the lighting position in the ceiling. Also consider other areas that you might need to highlight such as the toilet or feature wall. This will ensure that the reflected ceiling plane looks great and is functional. Although it might seem great to have one downlight above the tub, staring at it while in the bath will make it difficult to relax.


There are three types: under-bench storage, face-level storage, and what I refer to as ‘opportunistic storage’.

Face-level storage

Storage at face level is all about convenience and functionality. Although some may not find the mirrored cabinet above the vanity appealing, the convenience of having frequently used products at hand is invaluable. Mirrored shaving cabinets can be purchased online or in shops that fit into a cavity wall. While buying off-the-rack can save you money on the design and construction of custom cabinets, bespoke joinery will provide optimal storage results.

Under-bench storage

Storage under-bench is a must. Large drawers are better than small cupboards if you can. Drawers make it possible to store everything neatly while still having easy access to everything.

Opportunistic storage

Your bathroom layout will determine how you store your items. I have always had storage behind the toilet in my previous homes so that the paper and toilet brushes are not visible. A cupboard above the pan was another option. You can make your bathroom more functional by utilizing its nooks, crevices and voids.


When you are in planning mode, think about how you use your bathroom. It will be easy to see the things you really need on a practical level. Think about where your dryer will be if you have to dry your hair. Consider where your children’s bath toys could be placed. You can also think about the steps you take in your beauty routine every day. You can’t have enough bench space.


There are many options for bathroom fixtures and fittings. Some spaces will need traditional options while others may require something more modern. It doesn’t matter if you prefer metallic accessories with a polished or matte finish or powder-coated colours, it is important to select accessories that match your home’s architecture. All fittings such as taps and towel rails should have the same shape and finish.

Bathroom Remodeling Tips

You can make your bathroom a focal point of your home. This will allow guests to come in and use your bathroom. You can transform the bathroom into the large tub or shower that you have always wanted, or change the tiles or flooring. You can do whatever you like with bathroom home improvements.

Bathroom remodeling can be so expensive that you may not want to continue living in your home. If you are looking for affordable options, consider clearance and home shops. You can find new stock, including counter tops and cabinets, flooring, bathroom fixtures, and other products, as well as new items that have a price reduction.

If you are looking for all the bathroom supplies at once, a wholesaler may be an option. You should not be worried about the cost of your house. It is an investment that will pay off in the future.

Bathroom home improvements can not only make your home look newer but also allow you to update your house quickly by getting rid off the wear and tear. Resurfacing the tub or shower, replacing or painting cabinets, or repainting walls are some of the amazing bathroom home improvement ideas that can transform the look and feel.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas Affordable

If you are worried about the price of the project because you know that bathroom renovations will be in your future, or you don’t want guests to see your bathroom every day, you might be. You don’t have to spend a lot on bathroom remodeling projects, despite what some people might tell you.

It is a great idea to replace your bathtub or shower, as well as any knobs and shower heads. A new bathtub is not expensive if you go to your local home improvement store.

If you don’t want to remove the tub, you can have it resurfaced using tiles or porcelain. It will take several hours and make your bathtub and shower look brand new. However, it will last for a long time.

Another way to improve the appearance of your bathroom is to replace your toilet. Toilets, like all other items that are frequently used, tend to get worn and stop working well. If your current toilet is still functioning, it is not necessary to replace it with a newer one. However, replacing the old one with a better one is a smart idea. It is possible to replace the seat for less than $5 if you can find a great deal.

Although it is not mandatory to replace cabinets in bathrooms, it can be a great bathroom remodeling project. The cabinets can be easily painted or stained for a minimal cost. It is a good idea, after you have painted, to replace the hardware.

Bathroom remodeling doesn’t need to be expensive. You can make your bathroom look brand new by simply reusing the items. Don’t be afraid of painting the walls a new color or beautifying the space to make it a pleasant place.

A good start to any bathroom renovation project is to come up with a reasonable plan. Anyone desire a larger bathroom. Although it is possible to make a bathroom appear larger, it is not feasible to make it more spacious. Homeowners only make bathroom improvements once or twice a year.

A good understanding of the available fixtures and their prices can help you plan for bathroom renovations. A budget is a key element in making a decision. Retiling the floor can be expensive and limit color choices to a manageable range. Many home improvements for bathrooms start with a new sink, tub, or shower. The outdated fixtures can make the room look stale.

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