7 Mistakes To Avoid When Maintaining Your Air Conditioner


Air-conditioning units are indispensable for countries like Singapore with mostly humid and hot weather. Singapore is actually one of the Asian countries with the highest proportion of people using air-conditioning. In hot weather, the air conditioner cannot work effectively is the worst thing.

Hiring a professional cheap aircon service Singapore to repair your air conditioner is actually a good idea. The air-conditioning unit is actually a very good invention. It works in an efficient manner, and some air conditioners can even save electricity. In order to avoid damaging your air conditioner, you need to know 7 mistakes to avoid air conditioner repairs.

  1. Unable to execute daily maintenance plan

You need to implement a daily maintenance plan for your air conditioner to ensure that all the functions of the equipment can run flawlessly and smoothly. Air conditioning units are different from any other mechanical equipment.

It requires frequent adjustments, cleaning of the coil, replacement of some filters, and cleaning of debris and dust, so that you can experience the maximum performance efficiency of the air conditioner. If you have this regular maintenance plan, you don’t have to worry about emergency repairs.

  1. Do not clean the accumulated debris and dirt

If debris and dirt accumulate in the machine, perform emergency repairs in the air conditioner. Checking and cleaning the debris and dirt in the air conditioner will prevent the air in the machine from clogging.

If there are big trees around your home, the accumulation of debris and dirt is actually a common situation. This is because the leaves of the trees are often stuck in the air conditioner, causing the airflow to be blocked.

  1. Regularly adjust the thermostat

Regularly modifying the thermostat to change the internal temperature will affect the performance and good condition of the air conditioner. This situation can also cause malfunctions and damage. The best thing you can do is to change the temperature at which you feel comfortable throughout the day.

Changing the thermostat setting can also put excessive stress on your air conditioner, which can lead to emergency repairs. You can also use a programmable thermostat at home so you can adjust the temperature without touching the thermostat. In this way, maintenance and damage can be prevented.

  1. Turn on and off the air conditioning unit

If the air conditioner is turned on and off frequently, it will cause the fan and compressor to fade quickly. Frequent switching on and off of the air conditioner will put excessive pressure on the unit. To avoid this, you can turn on the air conditioner during the day and turn it off at night. You can also save energy by implementing this strategy.

  1. Improper use of ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are used to support your air conditioning unit. A ceiling fan can actually save a lot of electricity and money because it can cool your place even if you are not using the maximum power of the air conditioner. If you use the ceiling fan correctly, you can also avoid emergency maintenance of the air conditioner.

All ceiling fans should be positioned so that they can blow downwards, not upwards. In this way, you can ensure that the hot air will be distributed in the ducts, while the cold air will be able to enter the house faster and easier.

Ceiling fans basically help the air conditioner work effectively, preventing maintenance and damage. In addition, there are low-priced ceiling fans, so you should try to buy them to make the air conditioner work better.

  1. Don’t change the air conditioner filter, run your air conditioner 24/7

Replacing the air filter is a simple task that allows you to save on air conditioning equipment. Remember not to change the air filter frequently, because it will also damage the air conditioner. In addition, running the air conditioner 24/7 may cause serious damage to your machine.

Even if your house is really hot or cold, you shouldn’t leave your empty space open. You can only set the temperature higher at night to set the temperature lower in the morning. When you are not at home, you must also turn off the air conditioner to save electricity.

Please remember that all machines have restrictions, so please don’t use the air conditioner all day long.

  1. Don’t use the air conditioner for a long time

Of course, if you are not at home, it is correct to turn off your air conditioner. Of course, if you don’t want to use it, you can turn it off. However, you cannot use the air conditioner for a long time. If you don’t use air conditioning during warmer months, the weather will damage your wooden doors, floors, and cabinets.

Temperature is very bad for your body because it can cause some diseases. In addition, not using air conditioners in cold months can damage the skin and certain parts of the home. Therefore, you must use it when you need to use the air conditioner.

You can set the thermostat to 23 degrees during the day and change it to around 25 degrees at night. As long as the air conditioner is used correctly, everything will be fine. If you maintain the air conditioning unit, you can also save money.

Naturally, air conditioning is very important to all of us. Without air conditioning units, we would not be able to enjoy accommodation at home and in the office. Maintaining the air conditioner can also save you time, effort and money. Therefore, please make sure that you do not make 7 mistakes to avoid while maintaining the air conditioner to get the most benefit.