Next Plumbing: Operates on the Golden Rule


George Garner founded Next Plumbing 10 years back with the hope that it wouldn’t become too successful. Success in business would, of course, mean the difficulties that come with growing and maintaining a workforce, and investing in new equipment.

The Next plumbing

“We didn’t want that.” Garner refers to Roselyn Garner, his wife and business partner. “I told Roselyn that $500 per week would be enough for us. We didn’t have any debt. I didn’t want to go back to plumbing. I wanted to be with my family.”

Garner was a remarkable failure to achieve success. Next Plumbing is a leading plumbing company in Fort Myers and throughout southwest Florida. It started as a small plumbing business with one employee. Now, the company has expanded to include 24 employees and 20 service trucks. They also have a large customer base that spans all of Florida’s Gulf Coast, from Naples to Sarasota.

The Return 

After experiencing real business failure, Garner’s reluctance at starting a successful business was due to his inability to do so. Garner was the owner of five Mr. Rooter franchises in 2006 as part of a group of privately owned and operated plumbing businesses in the U.S.

Garner, who was frustrated, was forced to close his business. He was also barred from plumbing activities for three years due to a noncompete clause. It’s quite a time to wait for a third-generation plumber not to pick up a pipe wrench and direct a jetter blast into an obstructed sewer line. Garner lost his passion for the craft that was part his family’s heritage during that time. Garner was exhausted by the stress of the recession.

He says that he didn’t really want to go back into plumbing, but that was where the money was. After the non compete period ended, he got some tools into a van and slapped a Next Plumbing sign at the side. Then, he was able to get his business back on track with the help of his wife.

Next Plumbing began as a small business in Roselyn’s Fort Myers house, where she maintained the books and answered the phones. Now, the company has offices in Fort Myers and Sarasota. The company continues to receive praises year after year from its customers who continue to increase in number.

George Garner says that 93% of Next Plumbing customers are repeat customers. This loyalty is due to the company’s dedication to each customer. “We do what our promises are. Lip service is not my forte.

It can provide almost every type of plumbing service, but it is not likely to venture into new-construction work due to the low revenue stream. After code changes rendered it unprofitable, septic tank work was abandoned. Instead, the plumbers of the firm leave the equipment yard every day and go to homes, businesses and industrial properties for repairs and service.