Perfect butterfly wallpaper designs that will complete your interiors


Butterfly themed wallpaper is one of the trending styles now for your home revamp, it is a wall fashion that is classic yet still provides a modern interior finish for someone who wishes to level up their spaces with aesthetic value.

It is also a sophisticated option to many wallpaper enthusiasts, especially for bedrooms but not limited to as it could also instantly transform living rooms, kitchens as well as bathrooms. There are lots of brands that could provide this beautiful wallpaper.

Since we understood that interior design needs to be in line with the customer’s personality or character, we made sure that this article would provide ideas that will complete your fantasy and do overhaul transformation for your home using house wallpaper designs available in the market.

Butterfly wallcovering an accent wall

Butterfly wallpaper design looks mesmerizing if used as an accent wall for your living room as it brings a fashionable and artistic look to your space. This type of combination creates a subtle and balance to a minimalist finish of your living room.

Chic bedroom using butterfly themed wallpaper

How could you resist the beauty of pastel butterfly design matched with cute and well-designed furniture pieces? Butterfly wallpaper covering is mostly used in a girl’s room that perfectly blends with the choices of colors of the owner. It also suits the coziness you want to achieve with help of the right lighting.

Touch of Butterfly for your Kids Room

You might wonder how to incorporate this kind of print for your kid’s room, where you need it to be relaxed and free-flowing as well as kid-friendly when it’s time to sleep. You don’t have to worry as they would totally love this kind of design, and will give the total comfort they need, especially the colors and feel of it with their favorite stuffed toys and blankets.

Make a 3D effect

3D murals are also in-trend when it comes to building a unique space in your home. A butterfly themed wallpaper is a perfect option to make it more artistic and at the same time adding character to your house. With an ideal balance of accessories and furniture, it will not overpower the overall interior of your house.

Butterfly wallpaper covering for your Laundry Room

Who would not agree that butterfly wallpaper themed could also be used in dressing up your laundry area?

This style could give an inspiring finish and natural look inspired by nature. You could check ample designs and quality butterfly wallpaper from trusted wallpaper online shops like Mahones Wallpaper Shop.

Butterfly themed Hallways

Setting the tone of your house is the ultimate job of your entryway or hallways. This wallcovering is an ideal option as it will add statement and color to your walls and give a welcoming ambiance for your guest. Aside from that, you could also see the elegance and positivity it could offer to the overall look of your house.

Black and White Butterfly Mural Wallpaper

This peel and stick butterfly wallpaper is also a superb design option for someone who loves a minimalist look for their homes. It blends well with your all white and gray furniture pieces and accessories as well as nude colors. The combination color could also offer an inspiring and fresh look to your interior.

Dining Area full of Butterflies

Make your dining room a symbol of your love to nature and create a unique accent wall that will serve its purpose. Butterfly wallcovering designs could give extra warmth and inspiration to the overall look of your home while boosting the capability of your dining area as a center spot where you can start a healthy and interesting conversation with your family and friends.