Pinnacle Home Improvement: installs replacement windows


Pinnacle Home Improvement offers top-of-the-line vinyl replacement windows. We’re proud to offer professional installation services and high-quality windows to homeowners throughout Nashville, Atlanta and Knoxville. Pinnacle Home Improvement can take care of all your window needs, no matter if they are old, damaged, or lacking insulation.

We offer many advantages in our replacement windows for Atlanta, Knoxville and Nashville. The windows we install will be.

  • Energy efficient – Our windows are ENERGY STAR(r), rated for their energy efficiency.
  • Durable – Our windows are extremely durable thanks to the interlocking sill and sash design, as well as structural reinforcement.
  • Attractive – With a variety of color options and finishes to choose from, your windows can seamlessly blend in with your home’s interior and exterior.

Pinnacle Home Improvement will provide you with great service and workmanship in addition to the many benefits that our replacement windows offer. Factory-trained installation specialists will make sure your windows are properly installed and secured.

The EdgeForce is a low-profile frame with sash that creates a larger glass area. Internal chambers increase structural integrity and rigidity and energy efficiency.

Ocular screen bulb seal prevents light from entering between the frame and screen. It makes it easy to install and remove screens.

  • CoreFX–composite reinforcement reduces energy transfer while strengthening meeting rails. It also allows for secure mounting of hardware
  • Defense-Tek-End-of-throw Cam Shift Locking Action provides greater strength and protection
  • Forecaster – directs water runoff quickly, keeping exterior windows clean and attractive
  • The HP3 – Telescoping sill dam provides protection against air and water infiltration, enhances structural stability, and enhances beauty

Pinnacle Home Improvement Technology Creates a Wall of Strength.

Pinnacle Home Improvement is available to help you if you are in Knoxville, Atlanta or Nashville and would like replacement windows installed. We will provide you with a written estimate that lasts six months, so you can make your decision.