Why Should Air Conditioning Be Installed By A Certified Singapore Technician


The aircon must be installed by qualified technicians with appropriate skills and experience. In addition, technicians need to hold a refrigerant operating permit so that they can properly install your air conditioning unit using appropriate materials. This will ensure that your new air conditioning system is installed correctly and the manufacturer’s warranty continues to apply to your new equipment. You can also rest assured that your technicians are familiar with your new system and know how to diagnose problems after installation.

Many people avoid hiring certified technicians because they prefer convenience or lower installation costs. Since most air conditioning units have a service life of about 10 years, it is best to hire a certified technician ,for more information , please visit www.serviceairconsingapore.com, so that the system can continue to operate effectively throughout its service life. Taking shortcuts may save you money in the short term, but in the long term, when something goes wrong or because the system is not installed properly or placed in a sub-optimal location, it may cause unnecessary headaches.

To help you make the right decision for your residence or office, here are five reasons why your next air conditioner should be installed by a qualified technician.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions

Certified technicians will follow the manufacturer’s instructions as they have industry experience. Avoid hiring a technician who does not have the skills to install the air conditioning unit according to the manufacturer’s requirements. A knowledgeable technician will understand all the leading brands and be able to diagnose any problems without delay or storm.

Proper use of refrigerants

A certified technician must have a license to operate the refrigerant. Technical personnel and authorized companies licensed by the ARC must operate in accordance with specified standards to ensure that the materials used will not cause harm to the environment, personnel or systems. If refrigerant leaks from the system, this will affect the efficiency of the air conditioning unit, and the system will have to work harder as less refrigerant is sent through this unit.


A correctly installed air conditioning system will lower long-term costs. You will avoid unnecessary maintenance and repairs because the installation was below the required standard, if you engage a certified technician who knows the correct procedures. In addition, if the air conditioning system is installed in the wrong location, it will not operate effectively and will cost more to run to the level expected.


Air conditional installed correctly can lower down the long term costs . If you engage a Singapore certified technician who knows the correct procedures , you can avoid unnecessary repairs and maintenance because the installation was below the required standard will not operate effectively and will cost more to run . This is the very bad for long time run.


In most case , the aircon warranty continue to apply is the Singapore aircon company follow the installation plan . If the installation is incorrect or the equipment is damaged due to installation, many manufacturers will automatically void the warranty. Avoid problems and hire employees who understand the transaction.


A certified technician will give you a regular maintenance plan for a fee, so you can be sure that your new air conditioning unit is in good condition. As with any electronic product, regular care and maintenance is very important to ensure the performance of the equipment is not compromised.