Cat Entertainment: 5 Tips to Keep Your Cats Happy


Cats are naturally playful because of their curiosity and natural lightness. Unfortunately, many pet owners view their Cat Entertainment after they become kittens as old-fashioned, stodgy souls who would rather spend their time in the sun than romping around the living rooms.

Kristen Collins, ASPCA animal trainer, CPDT, says that cats love to have things to do. Without constructive activities, Cat Entertainment may engage in unproductive behaviors such as excessive meowing, scratching furniture, and peeing outside of the litter box. Brain-stimulating activities for cats can help to prevent or delay cognitive dysfunction syndrome. These are some ways to entertain your feline friend.

  1. Offer exploration opportunities. W.R Shaw, in Keeping Cats from Getting Bored, explains that cats love to explore new places and find new objects. You can take advantage of this trait and leave things out for your cat to explore. You can use cardboard boxes and paper shopping bags with the handles removed. A cat condo, or some well-placed scratching post for your cat might be something you want to consider.
  2. Access to “Cat Entertainment TV” is important for your cat. While you might enjoy watching television, your cat prefers the outdoors. You can’t miss her favorite programming, such as the family of wrens that live in your cherry tree or the neighbor who walks her Corgi every morning at 3:00 p.m. Give her access to all windows in your house, and add perches if necessary. Hang squirrel and bird feeders away from the windows that your cat is most likely to use. Learn more about setting up bird feeders for cats here.

Indoor viewing is a great option. Many cats love fish aquariums. Your cat may be attracted to mechanical aquariums with live fish moving across the screen. Even though your cat may not be as fond of television as you, she might enjoy specialty cat videos that show close-up footage with rodents and birds.

  1. Your Cat Entertainment should be able to hunt for food. Instead of letting your cat eat all day, as the ASPCA suggests, let her work or hunt for a small portion. This can be done by hiding food in the house or using food-dispensing toys. A timer for your cat’s meals can help you keep her busy. Learn how to make a cat feeder.
  2. You should allow your Cat Entertainment to spend some time outdoors under supervision. Your cat can find the great outdoors dangerous. (Learn about outdoor cat myths.) If she is allowed to go outside, however, it can be a wonderful time for her. You can teach your cat to walk on a leash. It is possible, believe it or not! You can also allow your cat to go outside by buying or creating a crate, tunnel or enclosed room. These areas let cats experience the sounds, sights, and smells of the outdoors without them being restricted. Before you take your cat outside, make sure she is on heartworm preventative.
  3. Playtime with you. Interactive play is the best type of play. Your cat will enjoy more intellectual stimulation and aerobic activity during daily play sessions. Consider activities that let your cat exercise her hunting instincts. Cats love toys that look like prey such as rodents. These toys can be moved towards and away from your cat so she has to catch them. You can also use wand toys to lure your cat into hunting-style play, while still keeping her active mind and body.

You can have fun with your cat by playing other games and activities. You may even want to share your knowledge with your cat, such as high five. You will be amazed at the creative possibilities you and your cat can create together. No matter what your choice, it is important to give your cat something she enjoys.

The Dog’s Paw: Cat Entertainment!

MEOWS! For weeks, my humans have been at home with me nearly non-stop! Except for Dad singing, I’ve enjoyed some of my time with them and I’ve gotten more cuddling than I can handle. While having pets in your home during COVID-19 can be a blessing, it can prove difficult to keep your cat happy.

Meows, my favorite toy is a wand toy! To play with a wand toys, I’ll follow my Dad around the house! Pawsonally, I believe Dad should spend all day with me and my wand toys. Paws, I was fortunate that my Dad bought several wand toys so that he could replace any broken ones. It’s very easy to make your own, but it can be difficult if you don’t already have one. You will need a pencil or a ruler. Attach a length of string to either the ruler’s end eraser or pencil end. Add a safe object at the string’s end. To avoid injury to yourself or your cat, paws and meows should not use sharp or pointed objects in the toy.

Paws, using cardboard boxes to play, fort or tunnel with your cat is a fun way to make it meow! Meows! Cats love exploring cardboard boxes! You can create a fort with your cat by cutting out windows and doors, and possibly getting creative with permanent markers. If you have a lot of boxes, you can put them together to create a tunnel that leads to many places and allows your cat to explore. You can place their favorite toys and treats in different places to entice them to explore. Be sure to get rid of any tape, staples or other objects that could cause injury to your furry friend.

My favourite way to spend my days is by watching the birds from Dad’s work table. He bought some very cute bird feeders a few months back and set them up on a pole system that allows multiple birds to be hung at once. Meows, I love to watch birds from the window all day. Sometimes, I can see the birds from the window screen as they fly by. I love walking Cat Entertainment on the windowsills with my paws!

My humans gave me a cat tree and condos a few months back. It is so much fun, meows! There are little condos where I can hide, nap or scratch, as well as scratching posts on every level. The best part is that there are 3 high perches from which to jump or climb to see my kingdom and to see my servants working hard for it. Humans can be lazy, you know that! HISS! It’s so cool! There is a mouse that I can swat all day. It’s so much fun! There are many ledges on which Paws can rest and watch me, or the outdoors. Meows. There are many designs to choose from with lots of options. It is possible to compare them online before you buy. Meows.