EVO Entertainment: Rewinds to a Past Time


The Monsters Who Walked on Earth: Godzilla vs. Kong

EVO Entertainment is available to entertain. Many people have spent the past year enjoying new movies and shows from the comfort of their homes. However, not all films can be enjoyed in a streaming service.

Godzilla vs. Kong is expected to be the most popular blockbuster since the outbreak. EVO Entertainment’s special menu, luxurious recliners, surround sound, and crystal clear screens will make it the best movie-viewing experience. Kyle and EVO Schertz offer EVX auditoriums that provide an enhanced viewing experience. These auditoriums have 70-foot screens and 4k projection. Dolby Atmos surround sound is also available.

EVO’s limited-time themed drinks allow guests to order a meal from their scratch kitchen menu while they watch the showdown.

“The Godzilla”, a sparkling lemonade with Peach Schnapps and Deep Eddy Lemon, is refreshing and strong with hints sweet and tart flavors.

The Kong is a tropical, spicy libation that uses Captain Morgan Spiced Rum and Gran Marnier. It also contains tropical juices with a hint cinnamon spice. It doesn’t matter which side you choose, it will be delicious.

Godzilla and Kong meet in an epic battle for humanity’s future. Monarch sets out on a dangerous mission to discover the origins of the Titans. A human conspiracy threatens the destruction of both the good and the bad creatures.

EVO Entertainment launches a drive-in theater in Schertz for safe entertainment and social distancing

San Antonio movie-lovers now have a way of returning to the cinema without having to leave their social circle.

EVO Entertainment Group converted Schertz’s parking lot into a drive-in theatre that will screen nightly films. Friday’s opening show, Marvel’s Spider-Man Far From Home, will start at sunset around 7:30 p.m.

Like in the past, guests will tune in to their AM/FM radios for sound. In compliance with curfew restrictions, all films will finish at 10 p.m.

The admission is free but guests are asked to RSVP online in order to reserve a spot.

Mitch Roberts, CEO of EVO Entertainment Group, stated that “our current climate has forced us to adapt and create innovative ways to continue providing entertainment to our communities.”

EVO Drive-In will offer a contact-free method to order food via a mobile ordering interface created for this initiative. Food runners in nitrile gloves will pick up orders at the vehicle’s driver side door. EVO requests that filmgoers keep their doors shut until the runner is at least 10 feet from them.

Evo theatres: Social distancing, watching movies

  • Cinemas that are affected by COVID-19

The Coronavirus in China, January 2020 was the first time that global box office saw a hit. The Chinese government ordered that all movie theatres be closed until things returned to normal. This was not a China story. Every country around the world was affected one by one. Governments and health agencies realized that social distancing was necessary to stop the spread of the virus. Restaurants, movie theatres, and other public gatherings were therefore banned.

Once viewers had to stay home, cinema theatres were one the most popular segments. They were unable to earn revenue in any other way. AMC, the U.S.’s largest movie theatre chain, and Regal with 1200+ theaters each, announced that they would be closing their theaters starting March 17. This will take place for six to twelve weeks. [i] The box office fell 60% from last year to a 20-year low that weekend. [ii] Foot traffic and revenue lost was even more than they were on the weekend following September 11 attacks.

Even if the virus threat is reduced and businesses reopen their doors, people may be hesitant about visiting places like cinema halls. With the rise in online media consumption and better services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, etc., this trend will continue. Over the course of Covid-19, viewers will likely maintain social distancing for longer periods than is required and avoid movie theaters in the months ahead.

Drive-in cinema

It was not long ago that the concept of drive-in movies was first developed. On April 23, 1915, a partial drive-in theatre – Theatre de Guadalupe, was opened in Las Cruces (New Mexico). This type of cinema viewing was not popularized in the 1970s. It remained a new concept for the past two decades. Drive-ins accounted for only 1.5% of all movie screens in America by 2013. Their numbers continued to decline from 389 in 2013 down to 305 in 2019. [v]

EVO rapidly built the capabilities required to convert to drive-in

Screens: Outside viewing is not possible with what works in physical theaters. EVO applied high-grain paint to the theater’s exterior walls in order to increase visibility for films projected there.

Audio: EVO used AM/FM radios and radio channels to ensure high audio quality. This enabled clear sound to be transmitted from the cars’ audio systems.

EVO has developed a new mobile app. With limited parking spaces, EVO quickly created an app that allows customers to book online and place orders. This mobile interface was created specifically for this purpose and allowed guests to order food from the theater kitchen. The app allowed for all payments to be made without the need for cash.

EVO launched the drive-in initiative free of charge to gain momentum. However, the main source of revenue was food. EVO Drive-In offered a way to order food without having to contact anyone via the app. Delivery staff were equipped with nitrile gloves to ensure safety. They dropped carefully prepared meals at the vehicle’s driver’s side door. EVO protocols required that viewers keep their doors shut until the runner was at least 10 feet away.

EVO market: EVO Entertainment has recently added grocery and alcohol delivery to its drive-in business model. EVO Market was launched by the company. It provides essentials to customers in the region that can be delivered or picked up at their doorstep.

Combining these sales with drive-in dining options, the weekend brought in more than $23,000 in food & beverage revenue. Customers loved the idea of converting their theaters into a drive-in model. All shows were fully booked.

Long-term advantage: Although Texas’ current mandate has stopped EVO from operating drive-in theatres, EVO Entertainment is putting in place infrastructure and technology that will be useful once the state loosens its rules. Although mandates against crowding in movie theaters will likely remain, and the public would be wary about such crowded places, EVO Entertainment will be able generate revenue using this new operating model for drive-in theatres.

EVO Entertainment Lessons:

Take action now: Although every company is interested in technology and digitization adoption, most transformations take time. Evo is a shining example of how other companies can quickly adopt innovation and gain a competitive edge over their peers.

Innovation to sustain differentiation: Companies, like EVO, need to consider driving innovation and operating system transformation in order to lay the foundation for change and deepen or sustain their differentiation from competitors.

Be aware of regulatory options and agile: COVID19 introduced new regulations and mandates. These regulations must be understood by companies so that they can continue to remain relevant. Technology (e.g. EVO, changing screen and acoustic technologies) are two examples of apps that can be used to help organizations adapt to changing regulatory environments.