Friedman’s Home Improvement: in Sonoma County CEO


Friedman’s Home Improvement in Sonoma County CEO reflects on business in its 75th anniversary

Barry Friedman, who will be eight years as the CEO of Friedman’s Home Improvement in June, will celebrate his eighth year in office. The family-owned business has grown from its Santa Rosa flagship store to locations in Petaluma Sonoma and Ukiah as well as a distribution center in Windsor.

This month, the third-generation family business is celebrating 75 years of existence. To commemorate this milestone, “The Friedman’s Way”, a book detailing its history will be available for free to customers and team members.

Friedman, 42 years old, co-owns the retail store for home-improvement with his father Bill Friedman who also serves as chairman.

  • In 2018, company revenue was $190m, and in 2019, $194m. The pandemic caused some problems for the business, but it closed 2020 with a revenue of $203million.
  • Friedman lives with Heidi, his wife, and four of their children aged 7-13 years.
  • This interview was edited to be concise and clear.

What was the First Time you got Involved in the Family Business Venture?

When I was 8 years old, I wanted to buy something in a store. My mom said, “Maybe you should go to work and get that thing.” I spent weekends and breaks working at the Santa Rosa store.

What Were you Doing After College friedman’s home improvement?

From a young age, I knew I would one day be part of Friedman’s. It was just that I didn’t know when. After graduating, I was interested in working at Nike, as they were located in Portland. However, when I graduated in 2001 they had a hiring freeze. I took a leap of faith and drove to Montana.

These Experiences Helped Shape your Future

Through this race team, I was able to travel across the country and learn about an industry that was completely foreign to me. However, I was able to apply the knowledge I had gained at Friedman’s Home Improvement and was able to be an asset to this team. I was the jackman for the pit crew, and then I worked in the shop during the week.

What do you think Friedman’s Home Improvement future looks like now that it has passed the 75-year mark?

Friedman’s reached this point thanks to many people. My grandfather and his brother were the first to help us get there.

It is still family-owned, which is wonderful. It doesn’t matter if my family is interested in being involved. We need to continue the legacy that was started for the community and our team members, as well as for our customers who rely on us.