Roof Tips From Professional Contractors


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Maintaining your roof is essential to protect the general wellbeing of your home. By taking preventive action, you can avoid costly problems as well as uncomfortable conditions. Unfortunately, maintaining the condition of your roof might not be as straightforward a task as you’d hoped. Home ownership can be daunting, especially for those just starting out or who haven’t done any maintenance on their roof yet. But whatever type of roof you have, it is essential to get the most value from it and extend its life expectancy. To effectively maintain your roof’s aesthetic and functionality, it’s essential to understand what should go on your list and what can be left up to professionals. Conducting annual inspections prior to winterizing helps guarantee everything remains in optimal condition. For over fifteen years, ADN Roofing LLC has been providing Ansonia with exceptional Roofers services. Our roofers offer both traditional and custom maintenance solutions like cleaning, repair, installation, and upkeep. Here are some top-notch roofing tips from professional contractors:

Inspection Your Shingles

Sometimes the devil is in the details – especially when it comes to roof shingles. If your shingle roof has any chance for success, be sure all shingles are in proper condition and performing as intended. If a shingle on your roof has been broken or removed, this leaves it more vulnerable to major damage from moisture-driven mold growth and severe storm damage that could completely remove them. Be on the lookout for these signs, as well as signs of breaking, splitting or warping in addition to general wear and tear. If you spot shingles with any issues like these, replacement is necessary or get a professional to complete repairs. Making small repairs yourself can save money and prevent major structural issues from arising.

Treat Your Roof for Growths

No matter where you live, inspecting your roof annually to check for moss, lichen and algae is recommended. This top roofing tip is especially pertinent to homes located in humid regions that tend to develop problems quickly due to inadequate cleaning or damage due to excessive moisture. If you spot algae, lichen and moss on your roof, it’s more than an aesthetic issue; these could indicate massive water leaks and other major issues down the line. Be proactive by having it professionally cleaned with coatings which stop any further growth of these issues before they arise.

Prioritize Gutter Care

Many homeowners find this task to be one of the most tedious chores on their list. However, it’s an essential component for maintaining your roof’s stability and beauty. Regular maintenance of your gutters is one of the most effective steps you can take to keep your roof in optimal condition and prevent water leaks. When the gutters in your home are clean and in excellent condition, they will protect both your roof and foundation. Gutters direct water and debris away from your home, keeping your roof in excellent condition and relieving standing water pressure. To make sure all year round that job gets done efficiently, trim any plants or trees hanging directly on your gutters. And if you don’t feel confident climbing ladders to clean them yourself during that time, professional roof companies offer maintenance and cleaning of gutters in various roofing plans at no extra charge.

Eliminate Debris and Leaves

If your roof is flat, it’s essential to regularly sweep away leaves and debris that accumulate. This is one of our top roofing tips since if these items go unchecked, they could become heavy and put undue strain on the structure. Over time, this pressure can lead to structural issues, water leaks and shingle damage as well as algae growth or moss. Even if your roof is tilted or sloped, clearing debris and leaves manually is recommended before a severe storm. Otherwise, your gutters could become overloaded and require repair or replacement. To prevent leaves and debris from building up onto your rooftop, be sure to trim away any branches hanging over the edge.

Check Your Flashing

Flashing on your roof is a thin material that helps direct water away from areas where it could accumulate. Typically, this flashing is found around skylights, chimneys and vents located throughout your roof. If your flashing is damaged, it could lead to structural issues and water damage in your house. The longer these leaks continue, the more serious the harm done to the interior of your house. Check your flashing for signs of damage during routine roof maintenance. Pay special attention to both the flashing and caulk that holds it together; if either are damaged, contact an expert in roofing repairs. If the caulk has gone missing or cracked, simply re-caulk it in order to reinforce its seal.

Insulate Your Attic

Many homeowners overlook how critical insulation in a roof’s attic is for its lifespan. Without adequate insulation, your roof becomes vulnerable to freezing dams and winter storms when snow and ice begin melting from below and blocking drainage channels from your rooftop. When temperatures drop, this creates an unstable freeze-thaw cycle which puts undue strain on its structural integrity. Insulation plays a significant role in home protection against freezing dams while keeping you cozy all year round.

Take Proper Precautions When Exposing to Sunlight

While summers can be enjoyable, their strong UV rays can do more than just cause sunburn. Of all our roofing tips in this article, one that’s easy to overlook is that over time UV rays could damage roof materials and leave them more susceptible to damage. Being aware of potential issues allows you to take action and work with an experienced contractor for preventative measures.

Find a Reputable Roofing Professional

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One of the best ways to ensure your roof is in top condition is by hiring a reliable roofing professional. However, it can be challenging to know whom to trust among all of the businesses online that claim they are the most dependable. If damage occurs due to an extremely severe storm or you need an expert contractor for an inspection.