Mill Creek Entertainment: Releases best in class


Newport, Rhode Island. December 01, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE). — Mill Creek Entertainment is proud to announce the release of Best in Class: A Making of a Concours d’Elegance. This premier celebration features some of the most exclusive and rarest cars in the world. You can experience this event from your home via DVD or any of the major digital platforms.

Torque Media Group and the Audrain Automobile Museum collaborated to create this fascinating account of the Audrain Newport Concours Motor Week. This world-class event brings together the best of motoring to a global audience. This documentary captures the passions, highs and lows of competition and the bonds that unify car enthusiasts around the globe.

Jeff Hayne, SVP at Mill Creek Entertainment, says, “We are thrilled that we can give car enthusiasts, collectors and everyday spectators an unparalleled behind-the scenes look at the AudrainConcours d’Elegance.” “The ability to enjoy such an iconic event at home in the absence of live events allows enthusiasts the opportunity to share their passion for the automobile.

The Audrain Concours d’Elegance, Newport, Rhode Island, is rich in automotive history that dates back to the dawning of motoring. The inaugural event captures history, luxury, and sport beautifully. The Breakers Mansion is used as a backdrop for the presentation of trophies. First in class winners compete for the Willie K. Vanderbilt Trophy. Donald Osborne, CEO of Audrain, assembled judges from all over the world for this historic event. Jay Leno, Event Chairman, and Emily Ratajkowski, Automotive Expert, were also present.

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Ice-T Film “Equal Standard” Coming to Digital June 8th, Disc July 6th From Mill Creek and Mutiny

Taheim Bryan’s film is his first acting and writing role. It tells the story of New York City police struggling with loss, rank, race, and betrayal. Brendan Kyle Cochrane directs the story. It is described as an unflinching and impartial view of police officers and the communities they are called upon to protect. The story also explores what happens when that covenant breaks down, giving a perspective from both the law and the police.

Equal Standard stars Ice-T, New Jack City, “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”) Naughty by Nature’s Anthony “Treach” Criss (“CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” “The Sopranos”) Robert Clohessy (“Hill Street Blues,” The Wolf of Wall Street”).

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Entertainment Tonight’s Ice-T stated recently that there are “people who have never dealt the cops’ brutality, or it doesn’t happen in their area.” “I hope that all protesters will take the lessons from Equal Standard with them every day, so that when they see racism, or see something wrong, they can stand up for it together.”

The film was selected at the Durban International Film Festival as an Official Selection. It also won a Best Trailer Nominee award at the Paris Art and Movie Awards.

The film shows that Damien, 15, is a bit too precocious to be his own good. He runs an unofficial matchmaking business at school with Erin, his smart friend. The matchmaking team, which includes various hijinks, takes the money and creates its own brand of serendipity. Damien, on the other hand, focuses his industrious energy towards his bickering parents.

Damien’s parents are constantly at odds and all signs of love seem to have disappeared between them. He sees them as being wrong for one another. He’s an expert. Damien, like every bright child, decides to solve the problem. It’s easy: Disrupt their marriage and find better mates.

Jakob Wedel (“NCIS Los Angeles, “Criminal Minds”) and Tess Aubert (“Atypical,” Mr. Mayor”), Stephen Schneider (“Broad City,” “Lucifer”) and Kelen Coleman (“Superstore,” “Big Little Lies”).

Scott Dow, director of The American Dream said that “one of the biggest assumptions we make as children is that our adolescences are uniquely terrible.” It’s simple to look back at your own struggles and see the commonality of growing pains, regardless of their form.

It was selected as an Official Selection at 2020 Newport Beach Film Festival, 2020 deadCENTER Film Festival, and 2020 Method Festival. The film also won the Stella Artois Maverick Award (and the Variety Audience Award).