Parks and Recreation “Entertainment 720”


Declares Bankruptcy

Parks and Recreation’s entertainment conglomerate Entertainment 720 was created quickly. The company, which was founded by Jean-Ralphio Saperstein and Tom Haverford, had to close its doors to the public and declare bankruptcy. The show’s basic story is that two charming, but foolish, characters stumbled upon large sums of money and started a major corporation. They then burned all their cash and are now bankrupt.

The clever marketing team at NBC have released an official statement about Entertainment 720’s fake website, taking advantage of the Entertainment 720 plot thread. NBC has been regularly releasing promotional materials based on social media in order to increase interest in the critically acclaimed comedy. By giving humor to its fans, the company makes sure that everyone will soon join the party to see the next hilarious episode.

Entertainment 720

Jean-Ralphio and Tom founded Entertainment 720, a “premiere high-end entertainment conglomerate”. They had no business model, and Entertainment went bankrupt fast after they exhausted their funding. The pair did not do any actual work. Tom left his job as a Parks Department employee to join Entertainment. However, he returned to the company after it went bankrupt.

#Entertainment’s Best 720

Jean Ralphio and Tom Haverford’s swagtastic venture into business are easily my favorite subplot on any sitcom. The “Tammy One” experience was great, but I didn’t want Ben visiting scenes to end. It’s just relentless comedy. I am trying to convince the UPROXX leaders to reconsider the 720 biz model. One way to get started is a coin graphic featuring Cajun Boy and my likenesses.

Of course, I’m not the only one who appreciates being able to spend money. Combining the Tumblr activity with all the great media on Entertainment 720’s official website (do your research and see the pro forma income projections), you have a Best Of # where dreams can come true. You’ll find various 720 swag scattered throughout. I’m all for the Rubik’s cube, boxer shorts, and boxer briefs.

Entertainment was Pawnee’s top, all-media entertainment conglomerate. Jean-Ralphio and Tom Haverford, local magnates, founded the short-lived venture. After leaving the Parks department, Mr. Haverford joined this firm. It was not clear what the conglomerate’s revenue streams and business model were. Entertainment 720 was disbanded shortly after its founding. Some attribute this to extravagant spending by some employees. However, the conglomerate’s innovative spirit is still a beloved icon.

Parks and Recreation Entertainment 720 Men’s Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Entertainment 720 is Pawnee’s only entertainment media conglomerate. Jean-Ralphio Sperstein and Tom Haverford, nightclub managers, created Entertainment 720. This is the one-stop shop for all things public relations and anything related to reaching out to people. This classic tee features the Entertainment 720 logo.

The shirt has short sleeves with a seamless rib knit collar and seamless set-in sleeves. Taped shoulder and neck seams provide durability. The sleeves are two-needle hemmed to prevent the bottom from unraveling.