RBW acquires “WM Entertainment”


RBW Entertainment now has WM Entertainment as a label.

RBW announced on April 7th that it had acquired WM Entertainment, the agency for Oh My Girl, B1A4 and ONF.

RBW entered into a SPA with WM Entertainment’s largest shareholder, acquiring 70% of WM Entertainment shares and bringing the company in as a subsidiary.

Kim Jin Woo, CEO of RBW, stated that WM Entertainment has experienced rapid growth in the entertainment industry in Korea as well as internationally due to their ability to find and train artists. Each company has different know-hows and we will work together to create new synergy. We will develop strategic business on the basis of content IP (intellectual Property), and we will strive to spread K-content culture around the globe beyond Korea.

WM Entertainment, which will be an independent label under RBW, will continue to operate with their current management.

MAMAMOO’s label RBW Entertainment buys WM Entertainment

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RBW Entertainment on April 7 announced that it would acquire WM Entertainment. This agency represents South Korean artists such as Oh My Girl and B1A4 as well as Lee Chaeyeon, singer of IZ*ONE. RBW Entertainment completed a sales-purchase agreement with WM Entertainment’s largest shareholder on March 31. It acquired 70% of its shares, and purchased the agency as a subsidiary.

Kim Jinwoo, CEO at RBW Entertainment, cited WM “rapid growth” in the entertainment sector as well as its “capabilities to discover and train artists” as reasons for purchasing the company. WM will operate as an independent agency within RBW, and their operations and management will remain the same.

Kim said, “As each company has different know-hows we will show new synergy while cooperating.” We will be promoting K-content culture around the globe, developing strategic business based upon content IP.

Other RBW news: MAMAMOO’s Hwasa, a member of the band, has recently renewed her contract with RBW Entertainment. She follows fellow band members Solar and Moonbyul.

RBW Entertainment stated that it was still in talks with Wheein. Fans were also assured by the agency that MAMAMOO will not be disbanded. They also stated that they plan to support all activities of its members, soloists and in groups.

Oh My Girl, Gears Up for a Comeback, Get Ready Miracles

The 21st April 2015 was the day the world was introduced by WMto Oh My Girl, a K-pop girl group. Seven members make up the female K-pop group, Hyojung and Mimi, YooA and Seunghee. Jiho, Jiho. Binnie.

JinE, Oh My Girl’s vocalist, had left the group in 2017. The girl group has remained the same since then.

WM Oh My Girl made their debut with “CUPID”, and Miracles, the fandom name for Oh My Girl, immediately fell in love with the K-pop group. It seems that Oh My Girl will soon be making a comeback.

Korean Standard Time, Oh My Girl confirmed on the 29th March that WM, the company behind Oh My Girl, said that the female Kpop group is currently preparing for a return. It is expected that the comeback will be made public in May.

Ji-ho had been experiencing health problems, including anxiety disorders, since last year. She had been receiving treatment for these issues earlier in 2020. Although she took a break from treatment, Ji-ho is expected to resume their recovery.

Oh My Girl will also be making their first return in May since the release of their highly successful mini-album “NONSTOP” in 2012. It’s been almost 13 months since the last release, which was mentioned earlier.

It is well-known that Oh My Girl’s hit songs “Nonstop” (and “Dolphin”) from their album “NONSTOP” further increased their fame.

Oh My Girl’s song “Nonstop” was awarded a platinum certification in the category of streaming on Gaon Chart. The song received additional awards at the 35th Golden Disc Awards and Soribada’s Best K-Music Awards 2020.